joi, 19 iunie 2008

The Bourne Conspiracy Demo

The Bourne Conspiracy game is an action game worth playing.

Nowadays video games get closer and closer to the point where you can't separate from what's real and what's fantasy. In games like The Bourne Conspiracy demo you will often see such a line and the basic perspective of the medium is just great.

Personally I am a fan of Bourne movies or books and I can tell you that the Bourne Conspiracy game is not far from what I would have expected - a great conspiracy being bourne game. Fans of Bourne Ultimatum or the Bourne Supremacy and Bourne Conspiracy will love this game and all about it.

As Bourne you will relive many scenes from the Hollywood Movie from the box office.Unlike the movie you will be Jason Bourne, the 35 million dollar government killing machine.

The Bourne Conspiracy

Playing the game is not that hard. Hit an enemies while building some takedown power that after enough hits will help Bourne take down his enemies. In the Conspiracy Demo you will be running down the streets having a shotgun in your hands and being ready to shoot to kill. Make Bourne take cover behind a crate and use your natural Bourne Instinct to be able to exact pinpoint objects and enemies to shoot from large distance.

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